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How Twist helps to find dependencies of stories?

In Twist, we have a nice cool feature where fixture names are automatically imported as and when you start using workflow steps across fixtures. The interesting outcome is that this feature can be used to get the dependencies between stories. Let me explain how. When you use Twist during the early phases to write the acceptance tests (intents) for each story or feature - such as

 Login: (note this is the name of the Workflow as well as the Story)

  • login as user "user1" and  password "wrong pwd" and submit 
  • verify "user1" is logged in

and so on. Observe that you are listing out all the functionalities of the story as workflow steps.

Now, assume that a "StoryX" uses a functionality, which is built in "StoryY". Twist's content assist mechanism lets you to select any functionality you need and observe that the story name gets added to the top of the workflow.

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