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Announcing Go 12.2

The Go team is excited to announce the release of Go 12.2, Thoughtworks Studios' Agile Release Management platform.

Go has changed it's release naming convention from the previous practice of major.minor.bugfix nomenclature. The major version will now be the year of release (YY). The minor version n will indicate the nth release for the year. For ex: 12.3 will be the third release in 2012.

The key features of this release include:

New Features

  • Use Environment Variables for passwords: Go's environment variables now have an encryption option so that you can comfortably and safely store and use passwords in Go. You and your auditors will be happy.
  • Store each artifact in one place and then fetch it whenever and whereverYou can now fetch artifacts from any ancestor pipeline. For example, this comes in handy when you want to deploy the same binaries using the same deployment process to various environments. This ensures you test your deployment process many times all the way out to production.


  • New environment variables for material revisionsTwo additional environment variables GO_FROM_REVISION and GO_TO_REVISION have been introduced during the run of every task. This is useful when a pipeline instance picks up mutiple changesets from your SCM material and you have tasks that need information on which files have changed in this instance.

Bugs fixed

  • Fetch Artifact task can be used to fetch artifacts from a particular stage in an upstream pipeline or stages before it. Stages after the upstream stage can not be fetched from, because they may not be complete when the fetch task executes. Prior to 12.2 Go would allow fetching artifacts from stages after the upstream stage in the pipeline. This has been fixed in 12.2

    For example: Let pipeline 'build' have 3 stages named 'compile', 'package' and 'test'. Let a downstream pipeline 'deploy' have a dependency on the 'package' stage of 'build'. With this dependency you can fetch artifacts from 'package' or any stage before that i.e 'compile'. From Go 12.2, you cannot fetch artifacts from the 'test' stage with this dependency. To fix this, you will have to change the dependency to the 'test' stage of 'build'. With this dependency you can fetch artifacts from any stage of the pipeline i.e 'test' or any stage before that.

    This fix is not backward compatible. Hence, configurations violating this rule need to be fixed manually before upgrading to this version.


UPGRADE NOTE: If you are upgrading from a prior version, please be aware that the upgrade to Go 12.2 may take 10 minutes or longer depending upon the size of your Go database.


Thank you,

The Go Team.

Disclaimer: The statements and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the positions of Thoughtworks.

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