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Special focus report

Tech, society and COVID-19

The true social conscience of any organization becomes more evident in a crisis. It’s important today to take a holistic approach to crisis management that goes beyond immediate business needs and budgets, and focuses on people and purpose. History will judge leaders in this moment not on their balance sheets but on their ability to respond to unprecedented change with humanity and purpose. 

Thoughtworks has had social change ingrained in our business for over 20 years; embedded in both our culture and the work we do. We strongly believe that tech is a great enabler in building a better tomorrow. 

Beyond the immediate impact we can have, as several thousand individuals, we aim to encourage debate and conversation on the role of technology in our society and how organizations can take part in social change. As technology moves to the heart of society and social interactions, it becomes more and more important for technologists to understand the implications of their work, and for organizations to think about the impact they have beyond their walls. 

These articles have been brought together for organizational leaders, as well as practitioners, particularly in the tech ecosystem. They explore emerging opportunities for positive change, as well as some of the responsibilities that the pandemic presents.

Our contributors offer insights and examples of what has worked, and hasn’t, in our recent experience at the intersection of tech, society and COVID-19 as well as thoughts on how we move forward beyond the pandemic. Throughout, there are relevant examples and ideas for how individuals and organizations can contribute. 

We hope our contributions, and any influence we have, can pave a way towards the change that is needed.