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Watchful team and technology are joining Thoughtworks

Thoughtworks is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of the talented individuals and technology assets from Watchful, a San Francisco headquartered company who helps organizations accelerate the creation, enhancement and deployment of AI models. 


This acquisition further solidifies Thoughtworks’ commitment to helping clients realize the value of AI by addressing systemic challenges which prevent clients from getting AI models into production.


Thoughtworks has acquired a team of seven highly skilled professionals from Watchful, including the co-founders Shayan Mohanty and John Singleton. These individuals bring a wealth of AI and data expertise and experience, which will enhance its ability to deliver cutting-edge AI and data solutions for clients. 


In addition, Watchful technology will be infused into several Thoughtworks’ Data and AI services. These technology-enabled services will help clients see faster time-to-value on their AI projects and get more use cases beyond the proof of concept stage and into production.


While Thoughtworks has acquired personnel and intellectual property assets from Watchful, it's important to note that this transaction does not include the acquisition of Watchful's business operations.


Guo Xiao

"We are thrilled to welcome the talented individuals and technology from Watchful to the Thoughtworks family. We know first hand how enterprises are challenged by moving their AI use cases into production. This acquisition strengthens our ability to help clients deploy this game-changing technology with greater confidence and thereby creating a competitive edge.”


— Guo Xiao,  President and Chief Executive Officer, Thoughtworks

Guo Xiao

“We are delighted to be joining Thoughtworks and amplifying the impact of Watchful’s technology. Clients need fast, explainable ways to both infuse domain expertise into their models and to understand what’s working and what’s not. We are excited to be merging our strengths with Thoughtworks’ initiatives to push the boundaries of the industry — just as Thoughtworks has done in the past.”


— Shayan Mohanty, CEO of Watchful, and John Singleton,
Co-Founder of Watchful

About Watchful


Founded in 2018 Watchful is a software product which helps clients infuse domain expertise and control the training process of their AI models with the world's fastest automated data-centric workflow. Watchful makes it easy to develop and fine-tune AI systems by focusing on the most critical part: The Data.


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