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thoughtworks announces free tier for snap

Thoughtworks Announces Free Tier for Snap Continuous Delivery Service

Making Continuous Delivery Business as Usual

Thoughtworks, a global technology company, announced today the availability of a free usage tier of Snap™, a Continuous Delivery service.  Snap allows inpiduals and organizations to start their Continuous Delivery journey for free. Additionally, Public and Open Source projects enjoy unlimited access and support for all usage tiers.

Modern software development teams face the challenge of iteratively delivering high quality software at a rapid pace with low risk. Continuous Delivery, which extends Continuous Integration practices into the entire build-test-release cycle, helps teams meet this challenge. Continuous Delivery tools support tiered testing, infrastructure automation and workflow management. Snap dramatically reduces the effort required for teams to get into the cadence of releasing working software regularly.

“In my discussions with companies implementing Continuous Delivery, by far the biggest item missing is the basic practice of Continuous Integration; triggering compilation and unit testing on every change. I love that I can point them at Snap and know that they'll come away with much more than basic Continuous Integration”, said Tim Brown, Continuous Delivery Practice Lead, North America, Thoughtworks. “Snap examines your project and creates a pipeline containing multiple feedback loops that are optimized for the product you're building. It's as close to ‘zero setup’ as I've seen.”


"Snap was the perfect fit for us at Escape the City. Snap was incredibly easy to set up and saved us precious time and resources that would have otherwise been spent piecing together, and subsequently maintaining, our own Continuous Delivery solution," said Chris Bushell, CTO of Escape the City.


Today’s announcement illustrates Thoughtworks’ support of Continuous Delivery and the Open Source Community. Earlier this year, Thoughtworks’ Continuous Delivery tool, Go™ became freely available.


Start using Snap today by visiting https://snap-ci.com.