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Track 1: Embedding and scaling CX

The role of service design in digital transformation

Speakers: Minette Mangahas (Thoughtworks), Poorva Lavate (Thoughtworks) 


11:30 am - 12:10 pm CEST, September 22, 2022


Digital transformation presents companies with valuable opportunities and daunting challenges. How do we ensure that the great investment required produces equally great results for both users and the bottom line? A critical piece of the solution is Service Design.


Over time, a company’s processes and scale outgrow the original scope of their existing systems, bogging down speed of delivery and increasing costs for the entire enterprise. But in transforming and expanding a platform, we need to do more than superficially update its UI design. This talk uncovers the value unlocked by Service Design and provides a framework with examples of how we implement it with our clients.