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Illustration of connected multicoloured dots representing data, AI and data mesh

Unlocking value from Data
and AI at scale with Data Mesh

Webinar | Tuesday, January 31, 12pm - 1pm GMT


Data Mesh was developed to address the increasing scope and complexity of today’s data challenges. This decentralized approach to data management is more than a technical architecture, it is also a change in the way that technology organizations operate. Data Mesh improves decision making and accelerates time to value, by making your data more discoverable from across your organization, secure and interoperable. 


In this live webinar, Thoughtworks experts will discuss the benefits of using the Data Mesh approach and the disadvantages of a centralized data management system. Drawing on real life data projects and fresh insights from our recently published whitepaper by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services.


Join us on January 31 at 12pm GMT as Thoughtworks’ Head of Data and AI UK and Europe, Danilo Sato and Principal Engineer, Kiran Prakash explore: 


  • How the Data Mesh approach delivers value; with real use cases

  • Trade offs involved in centralized vs decentralized approach to data management 

  • What is Data as a product? Why does it matter?

  • Aligning data with the business to unlock value at scale

  • How to setup teams and the organizational change required to drive the transformation


Attendees will get a chance to discuss their path to data-driven success, and get answers to their biggest data questions.


Danilo Sato
Danilo Sato

Head of Data and AI Services UK and Europe, Thoughtworks UK

Kiran Prakash
Kiran Prakash

Principal Engineer, Thoughtworks Germany

Aileen Pistorius
Aileen Pistorius

Head of Marketing, Thoughtworks Germany

Interested in a pre-webinar read?

Key takeaways from this whitepaper:

  1. Data Mesh is a federated approach to data management, unlike more traditional centralized approaches where data sits in warehouses or lakes and is controlled by a central IT department.
  2. To become a data-driven organization and empower business teams with actionable insights, data needs to become a product, essentially a data set that is consumable by anyone in the organization.
  3. The success of Data Mesh depends on the ability for the company to engage technology and business executives and change the organization’s social infrastructure.

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