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Illustration of connected multicoloured dots representing data, AI and data mesh

Unlocking value from Data
and AI at scale with Data Mesh

In this webinar, Thoughtworks' experts discuss the benefits of using the Data Mesh approach and the disadvantages of a centralized data management system, drawing on real life data projects. 


Danilo Sato
Danilo Sato

Head of Data and AI Services UK and Europe, Thoughtworks UK

Kiran Prakash
Kiran Prakash

Principal Engineer, Thoughtworks Germany

Aileen Pistorius
Aileen Pistorius

Head of Marketing, Thoughtworks Germany


During this webinar, Thoughtworks’ Head of Data and AI UK and Europe, Danilo Sato and Principal Engineer Kiran Prakash explore:


  • How the Data Mesh approach delivers value; with real use cases

  • Trade offs involved in centralized vs decentralized approach to data management 

  • What is Data as a product? Why does it matter?

  • Aligning data with the business to unlock value at scale

  • How to setup teams and the organizational change required to drive the transformation

Discover if Data Mesh is right for your business