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Last updated : Mar 29, 2022
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Mar 2022
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When we originally blipped Couchbase in 2013, it was seen primarily as a persistent cache that evolved from a merger of Membase and CouchDB. Since then, it has undergone steady improvement and an ecosystem of related tools and commercial offerings has grown up around it. Among the additions to the product suite are Couchbase Mobile and the Couchbase Sync Gateway. These features work together to keep persistent data on edge devices up-to-date even when the device is offline for periods of time due to intermittent connectivity. As these devices proliferate, we see increasing need for embedded persistence that continues to work whether or not the device happens to be connected. Recently, one of our teams evaluated Couchbase for its offline sync capability and found that this off-the-shelf capability saved them considerable effort that they otherwise would have had to invest themselves.

May 2013
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Couchbase is a persistent cache with auto-sharding features, master-less clusters and replicated data to avoid cachemisses. Because it supports the Memcached protocol, it allows drop-in replacement for Memcached based systems.
Oct 2012
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Published : Oct 22, 2012

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