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Carla Suárez

Lead Consultant Developer

In my life I wanted to be a doctor, architect and lawyer; in the end, I chose journalism as my career. I studied at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador. One of my passions is writing and now I write code. I have been a developer at Thoughtworks in the Ecuador office since January 2014.


Before coming to Thoughtworks, I worked at PC World, a magazine specialized in technology, where my curiosity for this world started. My first steps in programming were with Python which helped me to fall in love with programming. Afterwards, I learned Java, a little bit of Ruby and Javascript. Nowadays, I’m immersed in the front-end world. I’m a person who likes to always learn or try something new, that is why my hobbies are multiple from cooking to playing tennis or doing hand crafting activities.


I am an activist for gender justice and equality. I pushed forward multiple activities inside the offices like: Gender Justice Group, Training: How to deal with sexism in the workplace and multiple spaces for discussions and learning. I worked in global initiatives inside Thoughtworks to promote Diversity and Inclusion. Now, I’m looking for opportunities to mentor women inside and outside Thoughtworks to inspire their journeys and help them to build a leadership path.


I believe that social change is possible and that it must start within oneself. If I need to choose one word to describe myself it would be “dreamer”.