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smart learning spaces

Ngee Ann Poly Partners with Seven Industry Leaders to Build Smart Learning Spaces

New initiative integrates smart learning technologies and facilities to prepare students for the world of disruptive innovations

From April 2017, about 1,000 School of InfoComm Technology students will be among the first from Ngee Ann Polytechnic to be immersed in new Smart Learning Spaces (SLS) that will make them think, feel and breathe technology.


Industry Partners


Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) announced this new initiative today at the signing of Memoranda of Understanding with seven leading IT companies - Autodesk, Microsoft, Quann, SAP, S3 Innovate, Thoughtworks and V-Key. The seven partners will bring to the table a range of technologies to enhance applied learning (see Annex A).


Smart Campus


The building of a cluster of Smart Learning Spaces is part of NP’s Smart Campus initiative, which will include Technology Enhanced Classrooms, a Security Operations Centre for cyber-security training, a Digital Makers’ Zone for Agile software development, and a SAP Next-Gen Lab.


Technology to support Teaching & Learning


The Technology Enhanced Classrooms will provide an immersive, technology-enabled learning environment for students. From the moment they step into the classroom, their attendance will be automatically updated via facial recognition sensors. With the help of data analytics, their lecturers will be able to get more holistic insights to optimise their students’ learning and performance. Gone will be note-taking days as interactive canvasses replace conventional whiteboards, allowing transfer of lecture notes from the board directly to students’ tablets. Classrooms can also be configured almost instantly to facilitate collaborative learning.


Technology to support Innovation and Technopreneurship


The SLS will support learning by creating work spaces that mirror what they may find in some of the most progressive technology companies working in the digital space. These spaces are intended to be innovation spaces where NP can nurture the “build fast, fail fast and learn fast” mindset and help students appreciate the speed of technological change, disruptive innovations and emerging skills. In addition, the spaces are also intended to evolve as students integrate their learnings from existing classes in UI/UX, cloud computing, mobile software, API development, cyber security, Internet of Things, data analytics and visualization, design thinking, etc into portfolios of projects and prototype solutions to real life problems.


Key Contributions by the Seven IT Industry Partners:


Autodesk will train NP staff and students to leverage its leading 3D design software for architecture, engineering and entertainment to promote professional development, industry development, and innovation. Autodesk will also provide staff and students with free access to its full product portfolio including Autodesk Fusion 360, and support for the setup of the Digital Makers’ Zone located in the SLS.


Microsoft will support NP in adopting new technologies through knowledge transfer, e.g. Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure services and APIs for software development. Microsoft will also support teaching staff in pedagogical development towards teaching with technology, as well as support in the development of an ecosystem to drive and sustain innovation in the SLS. Microsoft will work with NP to jointly organize hackathons to promote a culture of innovation in the students.


Quann will provide NP with expertise in developing Security Operations Centres (SOCs), training students to operate in a next-generation SOC to handle real-world security scenarios and share their experience in managing cybersecurity incidents. Quann will also provide use of their proprietary SOC platform tools e.g. Cyclops security incident event management (SIEM) software, intrusion detection system (IDS) and Threatcon software. In addition, Quann and NP will jointly design, develop and deliver curriculum for full-time and continuing education students.


SAP will provide NP with use of SAP software and teaching curricula offered by its University Alliances program for academic research and teaching purposes, e.g. SAP HANA Express edition, SAP HANA Cloud Platform Developer account and S4HANA and Business Analytics tools. SAP will also establish a SAP Next-Gen Lab in the SLS, the first in S-E Asia, where students will apply their knowledge in capstone projects given by customers to solve real business challenges caused by disruptive technologies.


S3 Innovate will offer their capabilities in Internet of Things (IOT) and Data Analytics through consultancy to design and architect the SLS projects and smart applications. S3 Innovate will also advise NP on IOT technology in the curriculum for the full-time and continuing education students.


Thoughtworks will advise NP on creating a positive software development and makers’ culture among staff and students with emphasis on User Experience (UX) and Agile Principles, Methods & Practices. Thoughtworks will also bring in industry insights into the software development and UX curricula meant for full-time polytechnic students and continuing education training for industry professionals.


V-Key will advise and provide their product APIs at no cost to allow faculty staff and students to develop innovative solutions for their academic portfolio and capstone projects. V-Key will also conduct guest lectures for staff faculty, full-time polytechnic students and/or continuing education training for industry professionals.


About Ngee Ann Polytechnic


Inaugurated in 1963 as Ngee Ann College with only 116 students, Ngee Ann Polytechnic is today one of Singapore’s leading institutions of higher learning with nearly 15,000 full-time students, about 2,000 part-time students and an alumni community of over 130,000.


The polytechnic offers 49 full-time courses through its nine academic schools - School of Business & Accountancy, School of Design & Environment, School of Engineering, School of Film & Media Studies, School of Health Sciences, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, School of InfoComm Technology, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, and School of Life Sciences & Chemical Technology. Ngee Ann supports Continuing Education and Training (CET) through its CET Academy which offers a wide range of part-time programmes. The Polytechnic has also established two Centres of Innovation - in Environmental & Water Technology and Marine & Offshore Technology - to work on collaborative research and technology projects.


Learning takes place amid a caring and conducive environment with top-notch facilities ranging from broadcast, multimedia and animation studios to research laboratories as well as simulation and technology centres. With our emphasis on a broad-based education, coupled with our signature Service-Learning pedagogy and global exposure, Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s vision is to prepare graduates with a passion for learning, values for life and competencies to thrive in a global workplace.


For more information, please visit www.np.edu.sg.