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CD4ML: Deploy your machine learning models to production faster

What is CD4ML?


Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning (CD4ML) is the process of applying continuous delivery principles and practices to enable teams to deliver ML-driven products quickly, reliably and responsibly. CD4ML enables implementing and fully automating the process while improving the quality, discipline and speed of delivery.

How Can CD4ML Benefit Your Organization?


Improved cycle time enables faster learning

Automate the process, from experimentation to production deployment to monitoring. This creates a competitive advantage and allows your organization to incorporate learning and feedback faster.


Remove organizational barriers

Break down the silos between teams and skill sets. This brings alignment between your organizational structures and technology landscape to business outcomes. 


Improve productivity with platform thinking

Apply platform thinking at the data infrastructure level to enable teams to quickly build and release new machine learning and insight products without reinventing or duplicating efforts.


Create a robust governance process

Leverage automation and open standards to build a robust data and architecture governance process within the organization. Manage the risks of releasing changes at speed, in a safe and reliable fashion.


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