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Mike Sutcliff

Chief Executive Officer and Director

I am an engineer by training and an entrepreneur at my core. 


My interest in technology started at high school, learning to code on a Radio Shack TRS-80 computer. It progressed to studying electrical and computing engineering at Georgia Tech. I joined Accenture, where as the CEO of Accenture Digital, I had the opportunity to be at the leading edge of technology developments in data, AI, IoT and product engineering on a global basis.


Prior to joining Thoughtworks, I was the CEO at a start-up Mobeus, which pioneered new spatial computing and AI technologies. 


My career has allowed me to live and work in North America and Europe as well as work across LATAM, India and China, where I’ve seen how different people from different cultures can bring their own unique strengths to solving problems.


I have two daughters and live in Florida with my partner.