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Gurpreet Luthra

Lead Consultant

Gurpreet is currently the Product Manager for Bahmni, an Open Source Hospital Management System for low resource environments. He has been a Thoughtworker since 2011. In this role he helps in figuring out what features to prioritise and build in Bahmni to increase adoption, improve patient care and create a positive impact in NGOs and hospitals around the world. 


Earlier, he was the Community Lead for Bahmni, acting as a catalyst for its adoption across various countries by providing implementers and technologists a platform for collaborating and capability-building on Bahmni.


Before that, he managed the Humanitarian Open Source Program within Thoughtworks to channelize Thoughtworker contributions to socially impactful projects like OpenMRS, MifosX and RapidFTR. He has also worked on architecting large scale websites in travel and retail domain within Thoughtworks.


Prior to joining Thoughtworks, Gurpreet had worked for over 8 years in Product Development. His experience ranges from working on IBM Directory Server / Integrator and then later on Manufacturing Execution Systems for Batch Industries developed using Open Source Java technologies. His passion is in applying technology towards helping make a positive impact to society.