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SPI Cinemas | Thoughtworks
SPI Cinemas

Boutique cinema chain offers a ticketing experience as never before

SPI Cinemas is India’s leading player in the entertainment industry, serving close to a million customers a day. They offer exhibition, distribution and production services and aim to be at the forefront of media technology.

Partnering with Thoughtworks, SPI Cinemas built a responsive ticketing system, prioritizing scale. The goal was to augment the entire movie-going experience, rather than focusing on transactional engagements with their customers.

Thoughtworks first mapped millennials’ movie-going habits to build a picture of their digital needs. Then we layered that against SPI Cinemas’ existing IT infrastructure - doing all the heavy lifting and bringing in new ideas all the time.

The new responsive system came to life using Lean principles and open source tools. The rich data management system meant that SPI Cinemas could leverage data like never before.

We love Thoughtworks’ understanding of our business because when tech teams understand the business, the solutions are a lot better.
Ranjith Melarkode
CTO, SPI Cinemas

Within ten weeks, SPI Cinemas launched their rebranded website and mobile apps, achieving a 30% increase in daily traffic. We continue to work in partnership, redefining cinema experiences through the SPI Cinema brand, both regionally and globally.

We designed the architecture to facilitate rapid scale. We used lean methodologies to deliver a highly responsive system.
Govindarajan S
General Manager, Thoughtworks Chennai

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