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Sustainability solutions

Profitable acceleration to net zero

Sustainability is now a baseline requirement for any competitive business. Leading organizations leverage technology to improve their ability to plan, optimize, execute and report progress on green initiatives.


We empower our clients to deliver a measurable, positive impact on the planet while managing risk, building resilience and protecting brand equity and reputation. Using technology as an enabler, we help you implement greener tech practices, leverage data and AI to compare opportunities for carbon mitigation, and embed solutions that track and report on performance. Our solutions provide the transparency required to make smarter decisions that drive sustainable transformation. 


Our services include

Green software

Build greener technology solutions that reduce your digital footprint and increase your bottom line.

Innovation pathways

Develop custom sustainability solutions that deliver meaningful impact and customer value.

Sustainability scenario modeling

Augment strategy with decision science to determine the most efficient roadmap to reduce emissions in your supply chain all while staying competitive.

Start your technology enabled sustainability transformation now

Building a sustainable future with technology Building a sustainable future with technology

Building a sustainable future with technology

Sustainable transformation is realized through integration across your business. A carbon responsible mindset can be applied at different levels of granularity, addressing emissions both head on and through strategic decision making. Thoughtworks focuses on reducing Scope 3 emissions which, for many companies, make up the majority of emissions. As reliance on your IT infrastructure continues to grow, your sustainability strategy will require you to have greater transparency into your Scope 3 emissions. To help you do this, we offer strategic advisory and agile implementation backed by a global network of tech innovators to help our clients harness emerging technologies, establish a greener business model and ensure code, applications and infrastructure are built sustainably.
Working side by side with Thoughtworks gives us the peace of mind, quality and speed we need to be able to continue to connect the world to green energy. The passion of the team that has worked on the Cloud Carbon Footprint is spreadable, it has helped us gain visibility into our own green impact and what actions we need to take, always from a collaborative and technically excellent level.
Oriol Tauleria
Head of Infrastructure Holaluz

A pioneer in green software and sustainable tech 



As a co-founder of the Green Software Foundation, we are committed to establishing best practice standards and approaches for building green software. Our mission is to reduce global carbon emissions associated with software by making sustainability a core priority for development teams, such as performance, security, cost and accessibility.

We’ve also brought our charge to create sustainable tech solutions to the open source community. In collaboration with industry partners, Thoughtworks developed Cloud Carbon Footprint, a tool that enables organizations to measure, monitor and reduce their cloud carbon emissions. Cloud Carbon Footprint was recently nominated as a Digital Public Good and added to their roadmap. 

Sustainability leaders

Lisa McNally
Lisa McNally

Head of Cleantech & Sustainability, NA

Andy Nolan
Andy Nolan

Director of Emerging Technologies, Australia

Nagarjun Kandukuru
Nagarjun Kandukuru

VP, Global South Strategy


Daniel Fratte
Daniel Fratte

Lead Software Engineer & Green Tech Lead, Europe

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