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Thoughtworks is often called upon to provide our clients with support in transforming their DevOps culture through the use of strategic automation, tooling, and the adoption of new processes and practices within the client culture. Making use of AWS Services as part of our trusted toolkit has allowed Thoughtworks to efficiently and effectively bring Infrastructure as code and Continuous Delivery to clients whose legacy architecture had prevented them from evolving at the pace of their business needs. 


In order to deliver on the promise of delivering premium services to our clients we continuously identify better ways of working, and make sure we put these forward as the most sensible default practices. Our expectations, guardrails, and guidelines are not set in stone. They aren't a formula that every project team must adhere to strictly but they lay the foundations for success across Thoughtworks endeavors.

The AWS and Thoughtworks difference


Thoughtworks combines well-vetted strategies for best practice in CI/CD and a thin slice approach to break down infrastructure revitalization and developer culture transformation projects into manageable phases of work. This enables our DevOps clients to make tremendous changes to the way their architecture is set up, analyzed, and developed while remaining adaptive to insights, opportunities, or problems that might be uncovered during the process of evolving client processes and architecture. Ultimately, Thoughtworks empowers our clients to confidently manage developers across multiple teams working in concert while maintaining operational best practices, security, agility and an efficient CI/CD development cycle. 


Often the most effective way to actualize this is through the use of AWS services that simplify provisioning infrastructure, automating software release processes, and monitoring for tracking performance and identifying opportunities for improvement. In some cases, a hybrid approach is called for whereby AWS services and other third party solutions are applied together in order to provide for a more seamless transition as systems evolve or to work around legacy constraints. The AWS suite adapts well to these situations and allows for a graduated and flexible transition to the AWS cloud that can move at the pace called for by business needs. 


For any DevOps transformation to create sustainable improvements, changes in tooling and process must be matched by growth in a strong DevOps culture within the client company’s developer community. Thoughtworks is uniquely positioned to provide for this need as a consultancy with strong experience in enablement, continued education, and curriculum development. Thoughtworks teams work to understand the current client developer culture and work together with account leadership to identify opportunities to share insight, run internal trainings, and workshop new strategies and ways of working while maintaining momentum in development.

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