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innova using thoughtworks studios go

Innova is using Thoughtworks Studios' Go™ for continuous delivery

Innova has chosen Go, Thoughtworks Studios' continuous delivery solution to optimize their build, test and release process.

In order to optimize their delivery process, Innova (inn.ru) has made a transition to a new system of automated build, testing and release management. The company has chosen Go, Thoughtworks Studios' continuous delivery solution.


The choice of the program was not accidental: it has a user-friendly interface, it is easy to install and set up, and it is quickly adopted by teams. In Go all processes are shown in a simple, intuitive form, which ensures full control of every step of the release workflow. Thoughtworks Studios also provides its customers with prompt and accurate technical support.


Innova specialists have been using Go to setup various environments and to test builds for only a short time, but are already experiencing benefits. Go helps Innova teams to maximize their productivity by automating a great number of routine technical steps which used to be processed manually. Now Innova specialists have more time to concentrate on development. Innova also plans to use Go to accelerate their Continuous Delivery goal from months to weeks.


About Innova


Innova, founded in 2006, is a pioneer of the Russian online entertainment industry with a portfolio of established games enjoyed globally by over 2 million active users. With a talented team of nearly two hundred employees, the company aims to bring the Russian online entertainment industry to a new level of quality and to always stay a step ahead of expectations.