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Ignite continuous and sustainable innovation in your organization


In today’s dynamic and competitive market, innovation isn’t a luxury — it’s a core capability. Your organization needs to be able to create, and execute on, a constant stream of ideas to transform your business and leverage emerging technologies like AI and extended reality to stay ahead of the competition.


Thoughtworks’ product thinking and Tech@Core approach enables our clients to turbocharge their ability to solve business challenges and create upstream enterprise value, and shift left to solve customer problems and drive customer satisfaction.


Are you ready to create a sustainable innovation engine for your organization? Partner with us and you’ll get the support you need to generate winning ideas and execute them, fast.



We help organizations:

Solve the innovation execution challenge

An execution mindset is needed throughout the lifecycle, from sustainable idea generation, to testing, marketing fit validation and implementation. We use a product thinking approach to empower everyone to execute and fuel the innovation engine.

Energize a company-wide innovation agenda

Innovation is a response to an exact context, and that context is constantly evolving. We help organizations realign, reprioritize and re-contextualize their ideas early and often.

Manage multiple innovation scenarios

We enable teams to experiment with emerging technology and new business models while maintaining their existing innovation portfolio and optimizing it to deliver the intended business outcomes.

Continuous innovation demands a holistic approach — one that spans the entire innovation lifecycle and expands outwards from core technology to deliver both business value and customer impact.

Why partner with us for innovation?


With Thoughtworks, you don’t just get a pretty slide deck. We're a hands-on technology consultancy that leverages repeatable playbooks to accelerate clients towards business value and customer satisfaction through delivery. We’ll empower you to consistently improve your exploitative (incremental and sustaining) innovation capability and execute and evolve the right explorative innovation strategy. 

Meet the team

Ahmet Sakar
Ahmet Sakar

Technical Principal

Stuart Curran
Stuart Curran

Principal Consultant, Experience Design

Sarah Sulistio
Sarah Sulistio

Lead Product Strategist

Andy Nolan
Andy Nolan

Director of Emerging Technologies

Ready to create a sustainable innovation engine for your organization?