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Nicol Rafalowski

Delivery Principal / Advisor

Nicol Rafalowski holds the position of Delivery Principal at Thoughtworks. With over a decade of experience in technology across various roles—ranging from backend and infrastructure development to management positions within teams and client accounts—Nicol has made significant contributions in diverse sectors such as retail, banking, and government agencies.


In her current role, Nicol is dedicated to ensuring that clients receive outstanding product delivery by closely aligning Thoughtworks efforts with clients specific challenges. Additionally, she takes pride in mentoring project managers, with special attention to women, empowering them to excel and inspire their teams to achieve their highest potential.


Nicol is deeply passionate about the advancements and ethical considerations in artificial intelligence and its impact on human evolution. She believes that the most significant challenges in technology often stem from human aspects rather than technical issues. Thus, a considerable part of her work is focused on understanding human behavior to assist companies in effecting positive organizational changes on a large scale. 


Outside of work, her interests include science fiction, movies, TV shows, classic rock, and enjoying the countryside living with her beloved dogs.