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Moving the needle in technology leadership: Focusing on customer success

Podcast host Anita Sands | Podcast guest Lara Caimi
February 15, 2021 | 35 min 41 sec

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Brief summary

The post-Covid digital era brings to the forefront increasing expectations for company productivity, employee experiences and customer interactions. In this third episode of a four-part series takeover, Anita Sands speaks to Lara Caimi with ServiceNow, about how leadership can drive customer-oriented ecosystems through digital transformation.


  • Entering a C-suite role: One of the important things is to be an equal peer at the table and have a seat at driving the company in partnership with the other executives. There is value in investing in peer relationships that can pay dividends for the organization as a whole. 
  • The four phases of growth for software companies. Phase one is looking for product market fit; phase two is about scale; phase three is building an enduring company by thinking about brand, talent, diversity, inclusion and belonging. Phase four: Industrializing the company by building processes, and tools, and systems and leveraging the ecosystem. 
  • Digital transformation post-COVID is a business imperative and a competitive differentiator. Whether you're supporting customers or driving new sales or business models, this era includes re-engineering, speed at scale and agility for productivity, employee experience, and customer interaction. 
  • ServiceNow helped digitize work to make work better for people during COVID, including the NBA and WNBA. 
  • Reacting to COVID and reframing the conversation around work-life balance: Research has shown how different cohorts of the workforce are disproportionately impacted by the burdens of what's happening with work from home and school from home, or teach from home during this time. 
  • When relying on virtual relationships, leadership should rely on empathy, communication, and flexibility with their teammates. 
  • When there is clarity on a business mandate, the technology transformation can be very focused on business outcomes and aligning the troops around building a scalable, repeatable set of processes and tools, leveraging the ecosystem.

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