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CX: Building a customer engagement framework

Podcast host Sam Massey | Podcast guest Joe Murray, Chief Digital Officer, NA
May 27, 2021 | 35 min 5 sec

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Brief summary

In today’s environment, a brand is defined not by what the organization does, but how their customers feel. In this episode, Joe Murray, Chief Digital Officer, North America at Thoughtworks, discusses the keys to a customer centric framework, examples of excellence and best practices to solve for your customer journey. Tune in to hear how customer-driven product strategies, innovation and platform will build brand equity and add to your shareholder value.

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Episode Highlights


  • Put the customer at the center: This is an operating model decision, a corporate mindset. Having a customer-centered business directly affects your shareholder value. 
  • Defining brand equity: Brand is a promise you make and equity is how much your customers trust and value that promise compared to other options. Brand equity ties into how effectively you empathize with your customer's agenda.
  • Empathizing with the customer: How are you taking human centered design practices that establish a basis of empathy, and then encoding that empathy across the multidisciplinary product development teams.
  • The anti-patterns that prevent companies from excelling in CX: 1) Organizing around functional silos. 2) Organizing by channel, but those teams are not coordinated around a north star of a branded customer experience. 3) Organizing around product lines, missing the opportunity to operate around consumer needs.
  • Capital allocation: Financing for customer-facing initiatives has not caught up with the pace of how customer experience needs to be executed.
  • Innovation: Continuous design and development with multidisciplinary teams and rolling out products in small increments. As soon as you have an idea to innovate the customer experience, that idea starts to get stale, so execute on a thin slice to capture the potential return 
  • Key takeaways for executives to consider: What is the emotional journey of the customer you’re trying to solve for? Do you have a coordinated and integrated product strategy that encompasses all of your touchpoints? Are you taking advantage of the power of the technology platform? 


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