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Software Ownership Transfer
Software Ownership Transfer

Software Ownership Transfer


What enterprises have been calling ‘knowledge transfer’ is only a subset of what should rightly be called ‘Ownership Transfer.’

This book presents a holistic approach to executing software transitions, with minimum risk. You can plan systematic transfers that will address every issue that could come up when bringing multiple organizations and cultures together. Learn how to integrate new findings into a repeatable set of resilient transfer processes, how to visualize evolving delivery and maintenance structures and processes, how to quantify true costs of software transfers and more.

In Software Ownership Transfer, Vinod draws on his experiences, large and small, in making such critical transfers. I particularly like his distinction between knowledge transfer and ownership - not ownership in the legal sense, but ownership in the sense of a team taking ‘ownership’ of their new responsibility. Knowledge transfer is only the first step in ownership transfer. If you are contemplating the transfer of an application system - from a vendor to in-house or from one internal location to another (as happens often today) - then you need to use this book as a model for making your transfer a success.

- Jim Highsmith, Coauthor of the Agile Manifesto and recipient of the International Stevens Award



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Vinod has written a compelling book on a topic that is generating a lot of interest today but whose business outcomes are not yet clear. Combining his own rich experience as a practitioner of Agile techniques with a lucid narrative style, Vinod provides many insightful perspectives to address the challenging yet essential function of ownership transfer of IT projects. More importantly, Vinod has been able to bring structure and practical application to an area that most often than not is ad-hoc and ambiguous. This piece of work is an important step in addressing a question that will become more and more relevant in the complex world of IT outsourcing and offshoring in the years to come.

- Rizwan Hazarika, CIO and Cloud Advisory Services Lead, ASEAN region, IBM


Vinod describes how to use agile paradigms to successfully craft a knowledge transfer program that's substantive and effective. He also offers guidance on overcoming commercial compromises and personal tensions that are often associated with transferring systems to new a team.


Vinod Sankaranarayanan has worked with organizations across the Finance, Travel, Retail and Healthcare space and has poured all of his accumulated knowledge and experience into his latest book where he discusses the evolving practices of knowledge transfer using Agile philosophies.

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