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Accelerating product delivery wins new customers

If you’ve stayed with a major hotel chain for a holiday or business trip, it’s likely that IDeaS has generated the pricing of your room. A pioneer of automated hotel revenue management, IDeaS helps the world’s hospitality businesses maximize revenue with solutions that transform data into actionable insight. Serving over 15,000 clients worldwide and driving more than 1,000 decisions per minute, their 30-year success is bred in the accuracy of their pricing and forecasting data, enabling revenue managers to work with speed and confidence. 


IDeaS saw potential in the market to expand their product portfolio, reach new customers, and enhance the user experience with a customer-facing platform. They sought a partner to help deliver an integrated reporting tool as a front-end solution to their existing core pricing system. Providing a bird’s eye view of all properties, this new BI platform would empower hoteliers to intelligently explore, investigate, and focus on revenue impacting insights and make decisions in real-time. 


IDeaS’ engaged Thoughtworks because of their synergies across quality software development, strength in product delivery, and reputation in engineering excellence. Together, we set out to deliver an emerging product that would live up to IDeaS’ high standards for trust in performance and functional behavior.


I knew Thoughtworks was the right partner to help us realize our business vision. Their thought leadership, collaborative culture, and agile approach to development impressed me, as did the team’s diligence and ownership of delivery.
KS Prashant
Managing Director, India, IDeaS Revenue Solutions

Working with Thoughtworks, IDeaS released the product within three months of engagement - two months faster than their original estimated time. And, with their product in the market, IDeaS was able to expand their client base and cultivate multiple new relationships. 


We achieved these wins despite the engagement kicking off at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. With various parts of the world under lockdown and the hospitality industry under financial stress, Thoughtworks and IDeaS worked together to create a flexible strategy and commercial model, and bootstrapped a small team to show proof of value in a short period of time. The relationship included regular showcases to share progress and resulted in teams working closer together.

From the onset of the partnership, the quality of engineering skills and practices from the Thoughtworks team was remarkable. IDeaS and Thoughtworks paired together seamlessly and delivered our new product at a very fast pace.
Bijal Shah
Vice President, Product Development, IDeaS

Our continued strategic partnership will focus on working with IDeaS to enhance the customer experience and expand and develop new products across the full spectrum of revenue management to meet the growing and changing needs of the hospitality industry.

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