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Last updated : May 05, 2015
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May 2015
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Continuously delivering high quality software to production in a rapid and reliable manner requires coordinating many automated steps. GoCD is an open-source tool built by ThoughtWorks to handle exactly this scenario, with the concept of deployment pipelines at its core, it handles complex workflows over many nodes and enables transparent, traceable promotion of trusted artifacts across environments. While it is possible to craft deployment pipelines on top of continuous integration tools, our teams see the benefit derived from a tool purpose built for this job.

Jan 2015
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Jul 2014
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Owing to the increasing interest in Continuous Delivery and deployment pipelines, we see many teams trying to extend their Continuous Integration tooling with plugins that provide deployment pipelines at a visual level. GoCD is a tool that was built with the concept of deployment pipelines at its core. GoCD has the ability to sequence workflows both sequentially and in parallel at many levels, to execute specific tasks only on certain machines as well as to deterministically promote and propagate artifacts, which is a key enabler for Continuous Delivery. These are capabilities that most Continuous Integration tools lack, and we recommend that teams who might have otherwise tried to build a deployment pipeline from their Continuous Integration server try GoCD instead. GoCD was built by Thoughtworks, is open-source, and is available for free for all teams. The source code is available under the Apache 2.0 license.
Published : Jul 08, 2014

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