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A decade in the making


The technology landscape has undergone monumental upheavals over the past 10 years. Microservices, cloud, containers, NoSQL — almost every aspect of the tech stack has evolved. Thoughtworks Technology Radar tracked these changes.


When we started, we could not anticipate the Radar's impact on the technology landscape. Today, readers mark their calendars for the highly anticipated twice yearly Technology Radar reports. You can continue to enjoy them here!

Hear how REA Group uses Thoughtworks Technology Radar to guide decisions about which technologies to adopt. 

Quadrant highlights over the years

Techniques spotlight

Platforms spotlight

Tools spotlight

Languages & Frameworks spotlight

Thoughtworks Technology Radar: a personal view

Jeff Foster, Head of Product Engineering at Redgate, explains why he uses the Thoughtworks Technology Radar to help focus on the tech that matters to him.

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