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Technology Radar: The Big Picture

The Thoughtworks Technology Radar doesn't just cover emerging technology, tools and techniques. We also get our Technology Advisory Board (TAB) to summarize the important themes that emerge from the Radar creation process. These videos enable you to get up to speed on the trends that are reshaping the enterprise.

Pervasive Python

Python is a language that keeps popping up in interesting places. Its ease of use as a general programming language, combined with its strong foundation in mathematical and scientific computing has historically led to its grassroots adoption by the academic and research communities. More recently, industry trends around AI commoditization and applications, combined with the maturity of Python 3, have helped bring new communities into the Python fold.

The Rise of the Platforms

Notable Silicon Valley companies have illustrated how building a suitable platform can yield significant benefits. Part of their success comes from finding a useful level of encapsulation and capabilities. Increasingly, "platform thinking" appears across the ecosystem—from advanced capabilities highlighted on the Radar such as natural language, to infrastructure platforms such as Amazon.​

Developer Experience as the New Differentiator

User experience design has been a key differentiator for technology product companies for many years. Now the rapid rise of developer-facing tools and products, combined with the scarcity of engineering talent, is driving a similar focus on developer experience.​

Intelligence as a Service


A family of platforms burst onto the scene recently that we call intelligence as a service. These platforms encompass a wide variety of surprisingly powerful utilities from voice processing to natural language understanding, image recognition, and deep learning.​

Conversational UI and Natural Language Processing

Conversation—a new way to interact with applications—took the ecosystem by storm with tools such as Siri, Cortana, and Allo, and then extended into homes with devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. ​The conversational trend is not just limited to voice; as messaging apps have grown to dominate both phones and workplaces, we see conversations with other humans being supplemented by intelligent chatbots.

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