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Moving from Omni-Channel to the Multiplex Brand Experience

Joshua Sigel, former CIO of Natural Markets Food Group (NMFG), visited Australia as part of the Thoughtworks Retail Innovation Series, sharing insights at the Online Retailer Conference in Sydney and an Executive Lunch in Melbourne. 
In his talk, Josh shared his observation on Omni-Channel strategies that were adopted by retailers in the past few years, and that in many cases, those strategies focused on the channels as an end point rather than providing a true seamless experience.  
During his time at NMFG Josh introduced a new retail concept, 'Channel Multiplexing', which took them beyond Omni-Channel Strategies. With an in-store and out of store experience that was designed based on customers desires rather than systems constraints, NMFG improved customer value and sales by simplifying and delighting them while buying groceries and cooked meals. 
The slides from these events, and video of NMFG's new Flagship store in Eaton Centre (one of the highest trafficked malls in North America), are now available for you to view at your convenience.

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A recognised strategic and transformational technology leader, and entrepreneur through his hands-on executive leadership innovative approach to business process enablement, and his focus and passion for enhancing customer experience through technology. Over the past 12 years Josh has held senior technology leadership positions within the retail and consumer products distribution industries.

Joshua Sigel
Technology Leader

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