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Internet of Things - TDC POA 2014

The Developers Conference (TDC)  is a traditional IT event in Brazil, with editions in Florianópolis, São Paulo, and Porto Alegre. The conference became popular not only because of the high quality of the speakers, but also because of the diversity of topics. It’s appealing to many types of technologists - from students to IT professionals in big companies.

In 2014 Thoughtworks participated in the event, speaking and helping with the planning. Several Thoughtworkers, for example, organized the Java University and Internet of Things tracks and created the Maker Space. 

The idea of Maker Space at TDC was to bring to the event a community-operated physical place where people could meet and work on their projects. Makers would be able to get more visibility, show their DIY (Do it Yourself) projects, sell their products, and motivate other people to turn ideas into real projects.

TDC's POA Maker Space 

This year we had 55 slots at the Maker Space and those sold very fast. In the same rhythm, the number of speakers interested in talking to IoT (Internet of Things) attendees was very high, demonstrating that IoT is not the future, it is reality!

At TDC, 55 people spent 10 hours learning about tools, protocols, technologies, tendencies, and good practices around hardware and software.

Large companies talked about scalability solutions while makers talked about using open source software and various hardware solutions resulting in projects with low costs. The results are very different viewpoints:

  • Startups: trying to profit with IoT;
  • D.I.Y.: solving your own problems, with hardware or software good practices;
  • Industry: production projects, like gateways, boards, modules, and sensors.

There isn't a right or wrong perspective. The concept of IoT is defined, but how it will work is not.

To figure out how it will work, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is developing technical standards that ensure networks and technologies interconnect and speak the same language worldwide. 

IoT isn't just a new technology – it's a whole new way to experience the world. It isn't only about things; it's about people talking about, making, and connecting through things.

This is why the transition of our physical and digital worlds is a revolution – one that’s creating new experiences, reconfiguring industries, and changing lives, on an even greater scale than the Internet itself. I invite you to read Inspiring the Internet of Things (in Portuguese) and join us in making the difference by creating IoT projects in the IoT universe.

Internet of Things 
World of hyperconnected things!

Disclaimer: The statements and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the positions of Thoughtworks.

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