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First Annual Pune Scala Symposium

Thoughtworks Pune has been using Scala successfully for past couple of years on a few projects. In the spirit of contributing back to the community, we hosted the first ever Pune Scala Symposium on 12 April 2014. The primary goals of the conference were to get practitioners together, share learnings with others, motivate the uninitiated to take a plunge, and have fun.

The total attendance was around 150, including about 30 Thoughtworkers. Fourteen of these attendees came from cities other than Pune (Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chennai). When asked how many from the audience are using Scala at their day job or personal projects, around 30% of attendees raised their hands. There were also two Pune based startups using Scala. We had attendees from local companies who are using Scala to varying extents: Persistent Systems, EqualExperts, CrestMedia etc. We also had a significant representation from academia, which included institutes like IUCAA, Pune, and Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore as well.

It was a single-track, single-day conference with seven talks. Judging from the feedback we received, the talks were all very well received by the audience. The fact that 80% of them stayed untill the last one is a testimonial to the quality of the content. The event also created a lot of buzz on twitter, which you can find on #punescala and #scalapune hashtags.

Read our reviews and watch the video from the following sessions:

Keynote talk: Kojo, a Scala based learning environment for children
- By Lalit Pant, Kogics

Summary & Video Scala in Practice: 3 years later , Slide Share Presentation 
- By Patric Fornasier, Springer

Summary & Video Promise of a Better Future, Slide Share Presentation 
- By Rahul Goma Phulore and Pooja Akshantal, Thoughtworks

Summary & Video Demo the reactive jargons, Slide Share Presentation 
- By Mushtaq Ahmed, Thoughtworks

Summary & Video Scaling your startup's data platform using Akka, Scalding, and Spark, Presentation  
- By Rajesh Muppalla, Indix

Summary & Video Number Crunching in Scala, Slide Share Presentation 
- By Chris Stucchio, BayesianWitch

Summary & Video Big Data Pipeline powered by Scala, Slide Share Presentation 
- By Rohit Rai, tuplejump

We have uploaded the photos here.  Follow us on @punescala or join "Pune Area Scala Enthusiasts" MeetUp group for updates.

We hope to see you in the next Pune Scala Symposium

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