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interactive marketplace for artisans and designers

Thoughtworks Partners with WE’VE on Interactive Marketplace for Artisans and Designers

Interactive Community for Economic Sustainability for Artisans and Designers Developed by Thoughtworks

Thoughtworks, a global technology company, today announced a strategic partnership with WE’VE, an e-commerce community and marketplace for artisans and designers, focusing on economic sustainability and transparent supply chain.


 “The empowering aspect of WE’VE’s marketplace within the creative community is what excites us about this project. We are confident WE’VE has only scratched the surface on connecting artisans with designers and we look forward to our ongoing partnership as they continue to have a positive impact in communities across the globe,” said Thoughtworks’ Regional Director, Amit Kaul. “Through combined efforts, we have seamlessly melded into one cohesive team and the success of the site is a testament to both Thoughtworks and WEVE's unique cultures of collaboration, innovation, and design-centric thinking.”


Using a lean startup approach, Thoughtworks helped WE’VE develop its ongoing testing and development for its website.


“The breadth and depth of experience combined with the global resources available within Thoughtworks has been a huge reason we chose them as our technology partner. Their working style aligns seamlessly with our team. Thoughtworkers get the commerce, technology and social side, making this a perfect partnership for our continued growth,” said Eve Blossoms, CEO, WE’VE.


About WE’VE


WE’VE is an e-commerce community where beautiful relationships and objects emerge through collaboration. WE'VE connects artisans, designers and buyers through story and passion for quality craftsmanship, contemporary design and social change. Change lives through the commerce of WE’VE, where the beauty of craft meets the power of story. For more information, please visit www.wevebuilt.com.