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moco wins dukes choice award

MOCO Wins Duke’s Choice Award for Technology Innovation

Duke’s Choice Award aims to encourage and recognize innovations based on Java technology. Being innovative is the key element for nomination.

Zheng Ye, a Thoughtworks programmer, is one of three winners of the 2013 China Duke’s Award for his work on the MOCO framework. MOCO is a framework for Java apps. It aims to tackle the integration problem that has troubled Java enterprise-level development by simplifying test server set-up, and focusing on testing and integration. Its users are from many different countries.


“MOCO originated from the pain of enterprise program delivery”, Ye explained during his presentation of MOCO. “A good engineer should always employ the principle of putting simplicity first. MOCO has taken the first step, after the unspeakable pains of complicated integration, to eliminate the complexity”.


MOCO User Feedback


  • It’s simple and easy to integrate. With these independent operations, our development can continue unhindered, even if there is no response from an external web server.
  • Integrates well with Maven and Gradle. With Maven and Gradle APIs for our service, we can use MOCO easily in tests like Concordion.
  • It makes our test run faster. As tests show, the time required for single interface request/responses was reduced by 50%, and programmers were able to save their time from waiting for CI status.


MOCO and the Innovation Tradition in Thoughtworks


“The birth of MOCO can be attributed to the innovation tradition in Thoughtworks, which encourages the spirit of innovation to improve and tackle real-world problems”, Ye said. “At Thoughtworks, after you have generalized a universal concept, you then promote your solution to benefit more people and consequently improve the solution from the feedback”.


Zheng Ye, founder of MOCO and a programmer at Thoughtworks, has more than 10 years of experience. He participates in the open source and technology communities by contributing open source code and sharing his experiences. He is currently writing about his experience and will be publishing his thoughts in a series of articles entitled “You Should Update This Java Technology”.