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Technology Radar
Technology Radar

Technology Radar Vol. 29

An opinionated guide to today's technology landscape

Adopt, trial, access or hold? Find out in the 29th edition of the Technology Radar! We discussed the latest Radar with Thoughtworks Technical Director, James Lewis.


You can find the recording of the session below. 


For more than a decade, global technology leaders have relied on Thoughtworks' Technology Radar report to identify trends and inform investment decisions. Our report is an opinionated guide to technology frontiers, based on what our teams around the world tell us has been working well — or not — on their client projects.


Volume 29 summarizes four core themes that are significantly impacting the technology industry:


  • AI-assisted software development

  • How productive is measuring productivity?

  • A large number of LLMs

  • Remote delivery workarounds mature


Technology Radar Vol 29 webinar recording

with James Lewis and Yolina Sotirova
Meet our presenter James Lewis

About James Lewis


Technical Director, Thoughtworks


James is a Software Architect and Director at Thoughtworks based in the UK. He’s proud to have been a part of Thoughtworks’ journey for fourteen years and it's ongoing mission of delivering technical excellence for its clients and in amplifying positive social change for an equitable future. As a member of the Thoughtworks Technical Advisory Board, the group that creates the Technology Radar, he contributes to industry adoption of open source and other tools, techniques, platforms and languages.


He is an internationally recognised expert on software architecture and design and on its intersection with organisational design and lean product development. As such he’s been a guest editor for IEEE Software, written articles, delivered training and spoken at more conferences than he can remember.

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