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Tarso Aires

Tarso Aires

Consultant developer & video game addict

I started programming around 2002, when I was still studying Chemistry in the University, and I heard about Thoughtworks for the first time 2 or 3 years later. When I heard they were going to open an office in Porto Alegre I immediately applied for a job. After a couple of tries I was hired as a Consultant Developer in December 2011, and then I moved from Natal, my hometown, to Porto Alegre. After some months I moved to Recife office to stay closer to my family.


During this time in Thoughtworks I worked with many different technologies I didn't have a chance to work with before. But more important than that, I was able to find a lot of awesome people from so many different cultures and places! They have taught me a lot about being a better person, and this learning process still goes and goes.


As obvious as it might sound, people from Thoughtworks made me see that the passion for programming and learning new technologies is not the only thing that matters :)