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David Blamire-Brown

Business Development Director - Public Sector

My job is to look beyond the obvious to revolutionise our UK public sector through technology.


I have over 15 years of experience working with public sector clients in a variety of consulting, operational delivery and leadership roles. I've delivered projects to hard legislative deadlines, even though the legislation hadn't been finalised. I've lived through budget cycles, spend reviews and re-prioritisations. I've led on-site teams and geographically distributed teams, including navigating the Coronavirus lockdowns.

Through this experience I'm able to evaluate client's' overall strategic contexts and analyse the fine details that make a difference for them.
I'm never satisfied with the status quo and work hard to challenge myself, and those around me, to think differently and do better. That's why I feel at home in Thoughtworks.


I am a father to three young boys. I studied Physics at Nottingham. I've run some stupidly long distances. I can quote far too much Douglas Adams. I love watching all sports. And I enjoy thinking and learning about Stoic philosophy, behaviour economics and everything else to do with how the world works.   


My mantra is: do the right things, do things right, be prepared. If that resonates with you, let's create an extraordinary impact on the world together.