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Microservices: Lessons from the Frontline

YOW! Nights 2014

Are Microservices gaining momentum? Looking at the interest in Microservices in Australia at the moment, it is evident that this approach to Service Oriented Architecture is making waves.

I shared our insights and experiences with 500 interested attendees at completely sold out YOW Night events across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. These talks revealed the core lessons Thoughtworkers have learnt building a variety of systems with Microservices architecture globally. They aimed to help viewers identify Microservices and their counterparts, and guide them on where to use them. The talks deliver a series of practices for technologists to build, test, deploy and operate a Microservices architecture.

The world of software architecture is excited and energized with the promises of a new Service Oriented Architecture, Microservices. The offer of rapid deployment, scalability, autonomy, and faster cycles of experimentation and innovation is one we can't ignore!

The slides and video for the session are available to you here, as well as videos on personal Microservices experiences from Thoughtworkers around the world!


Ryan Murray - Technical Principal
Domain modelling ​- Brown and Green field gotchas

James Gregory - Technical Market Principal
Maintainability - ​External standardisation and Hypermedia

Evan Bottcher - Technical Market Principal 
​Engineering consistency - Service templating

Evan Bottcher Technical Market Principal 

Evan Bottcher - Technical Market Principal 
​Service ownership

Scott Shaw - Director of Technology Australia 
​Domain modelling - events as first class citizens

Kent McNeill - Lead Developer 
​Decentralised pipelines with consumer driven contracts

Giles Alexander - Principal Consultant and Mobile Lead, Europe
​Flexibility and scalability

Jean D'amore - Lead Developer
​Service composition

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