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thoughtworks e comunidade brasileira de ti perdem um grande icone

Thoughtworks and the Brazilian IT community lose a great icon

Luca Bastos, lead consultant, died at age 69

Thoughtworks regrets the death of Luca Bastos, Consultant leader in Brazil. At 69, Luca died on the morning of Sunday (8), in São Paulo. In addition to a professional inspiration, naturally led the spirit of community within and outside the company. In addition to a captivating person, an example to be mirrored.


One of the pioneers of the Brazilian technology market (considered himself as a 'time developer old wives'), served as a reference in software development, and well liked by the IT community because of its recognized good humor and enthusiasm. With over 40 years of career, was one of the founders of the Java User Group in Brazil (now with 150 thousand members).


"Luca was a natural mentor. He provoked questions and reactions and after any conversation with him, you realize that his perspective had changed somehow. His wisdom will be missed but we hope to live up to his legacy," laments Ronaldo Ferraz, CEO of Thoughtworks Brazil.


The consultant defended the activity of information technology as instrument of social change: "I am sure that the shared experience here will serve to more people help us in our mission to improve humanity through the software, creating a socially responsible and economically fair ecosystem in addition to changing the role of technology in society. "(Last paragraph of Luca Bastos foreword in the book Anthology of Thoughtworks Brazil , November 2014).


Born May 22, 1945, Luca Bastos leaves his wife Tanya and daughter Marina. And for all the family and friends, we extend our thoughts and energies. Given the immeasurable loss, the mission of Thoughtworks is to honor his legacy, ensuring efforts to maintain the passion and innovative thinking that he transmitted into fellowship.


"Master Luca was surely one of the greatest teammates I've had in all professional journey, and why not, everybody. He was present in the most challenging moments of Thoughtworks Brazil and shared hard decisions, revolutionary initiatives and also the day-to-day we does a little better than the day before. Great counselor and friend, we lack words to express miss you! "says his partner work, Claudia Melo, Director of Technology at Thoughtworks Brazil.


According to Paulo Caroli, project manager at Thoughtworks Brazil, "The energy that Luca created in our community will not. This is and follows in the way each of us follows carrying a smile. Here when we share knowledge, cherish by a good community, and without age become old. "