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Thoughtworks Hosts ParadigmShift Conference on the Disruption of Customer Loyalty in Austin with Global Business Leaders

Multi-Day Event on September 21-23 Brings Together Business Leaders from Retail, Finance, Technology, and Travel in an Interactive Format

Thoughtworks, a global technology company, today announced that Peter Hirshberg, Chairman of the Re:Imagine Group, and Hugh Forrest, Director of SXSW Interactive festival, will be among the keynote speakers at the upcoming ParadigmShift conference scheduled for September 21-23rd in Austin, Texas.


“Today's rapid technology advancements are having a profound effect on our societal relationships, consumer perspectives, and notions of loyalty", notes Hirshberg. “We are on the road to a trillion connected devices — cars, clothing, industrial plants, crops, retail environments, every part of our our cities —— sensing, producing data and subject to control and feedback. This change will ultimately impact every aspect of our daily lives. From healthcare, to transportation, to retail, to education. This convergence of technology with our daily lives is reshaping the way people and organizations think about connecting and maintaining relevancy with each other." - Peter Hirschberg, Chairman of the Re:Imagine Group


The annual invite-only Thoughtworks Leadership Series brings together an impressive blend of senior business leaders. Executives from companies including, Southwest Airlines and Expedia, will share experiences and engage in joint learning around the customer loyalty revolution in today’s hyper-connected economy.


"The future of loyalty is relinquishing control of the customer. Maintaining the core of the business, we are putting Domino’s even further into the hands of our customers, therefore leading the way in digital retailing. This is, in my opinion, the future." – Don Meij, Group CEO and Managing Director, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises


For 2 days at ParadigmShift, invitees will discuss technology fueled disruption and emergent commercial patterns. The rise of consumer expectation towards convenience, speed, and personal choice redefine notions of engagement and brand loyalty. Attending business leaders will share personal stories, challenges, and disruptive approaches with cross industry peers.


“The consumer is empowered with information in ways never before imagined. In an age of mass and instant communications, brands are still engaging customers in an archaic manner that ultimately drives down loyalty,” said Craig Gorsline, President and Chief Operating Officer at Thoughtworks. “The format of ParadigmShift will shed light on the new customer landscape by facilitating impactful dialogue from business leaders touching different markets and industries, while also learning about how technology is upending the dynamic of customer engagement.”



Learn more today by visiting ParadigmShift.