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Published : Sep 27, 2023
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Sep 2023
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UX research platforms such as Dovetail offer organizations a tool to understand and improve their customer experience. With it, businesses are able to quickly and easily gain valuable insights into their customer's needs, preferences and behaviors by collecting and analyzing data from customer feedback, surveys, interviews and more. Sentiment analysis, customer segmentation, market research or data analysis and insight generation are valuable tasks in product development — these match what LLMs are good at, hence we see a great potential for disruption in the product development field.

Kraftful — a self-described copilot for product builders — has taken the lead. It's only in beta and you must provide your email to access the feature list. We've played with it and seen great results. You can plug more than 30 sources of user feedback into the platform and it will analyze the data and identify feature requests, common complaints, what users love about the product and even name your competitors. To gather more details, you can ask questions like you would to ChatGPT or Google Bard — the benefit here is it's optimized for your data. Once you prioritize what will be addressed from the user's feedback, Kraftful generates user stories for you based on all underlying data — including acceptance criteria — making it a great assistant to even very experienced product managers and business analysts.

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