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divhersity awards 2019

Thoughtworks wins multiple awards at DivHERsity Awards 2019

Recognized for designing innovative back-to-work initiatives for women in tech

Thoughtworks was honored to receive the DivHERsity awards at AccelHERate 2019, India’s biggest B2B conference for companies committed to accelerating women’s careers. The event was organized by JobsForHer, a connecting portal that helps women restart their careers after breaks.


Sudhir Tiwari, Managing Director of Thoughtworks in India was named one of the ‘Top 5’ DivHERsity Champions (Large Enterprises) at the event. Thoughtworks was also recognized amongst the ‘Top 5’ companies for Most Innovative Practices - Women Returnee Programs for its unique Vapasi program. Additionally, the organization was named to the ‘Top 20’ in four other categories – DivHERsity policies, DivHERsity Hiring, Women Learning & Development programs and Women Leadership Development. The awards were decided based on an in-depth survey of 300 Indian companies.


AccelHERate 2019 saw participation from leading CXOs, Diversity and Inclusion professionals, heads of HR functions, and thought-leaders from across business categories. They came together to share their own industry’s best practices that are pushing for gender balance at every level of every organisation.


On occasion of the DivHERsity awards, Sudhir Tiwari had this to say, “I am excited to be a part of the global collective that’s working towards a balance for better. Within the perse collective lies our strength because, its persity that powers humanity’s creativity, innovation and therefore our businesses and economics.” He added, “As an ally of meaningful persity and inclusion, I recognise the commitment that’s needed to create a new normal for future generations. One where women not only contribute but lead the technology of the future.”


Thoughtworks has been consistently implementing innovative ideas that address the need for a perse and inclusive workforce. Programs like Interning with Pride, an internship for technology developers from the LGBTQI+ community have contributed to Thoughtworks being featured in the '2019 Diversity in the Workplace Report' – an independent international report on persity and inclusion that profiled 10 companies from 10 countries across the world. To learn more about Thoughtworks’ commitment to persity and inclusion, click here.


About Vapasi


Vapasi is a #TalkTechToHer initiative from Thoughtworks designed for experienced women developers who are currently on a career break and looking to re-enter the world of technology. The program, spread over three weeks will help sharpen programming skills through hands-on sessions on object-oriented programming practices.