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Navigating AI risk and compliance: The evolving role of managed operations

Tech Horizons executive webinar series

As businesses continue to explore and test AI use cases at scale, oversight from regulators will increase. This means mounting pressure for organizations to establish guardrails, monitor faults in algorithms or inaccurate training data, and assess for bias and hallucinations.


But who in the organization owns this responsibility? This virtual discussion explores how managed operations are poised to play the role of overseer, managing risk and meeting compliance requirements associated with AI.


In this webinar, we'll cover:

  • How AI growth can have a significant impact on highly regulated industries from a compliance standpoint.
  • The importance of building out governance and control processes from a corporate risk perspective before rolling out AI algorithms.
  • The important factors in establishing a governance position on responsible tech for AI strategy.
  • Why it's crucial to establish the necessary foundations before implementing AI engines across the enterprise at scale.
  • How dashboards and reports can be generated from operations and fed into the managed services database to spot anomalies.


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Meet the panelists

Headshot of Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee

Global Head of DAMO™ Managed Services, Thoughtworks (Moderator)

Headshot of Flora Sah
Flora Sah

Head of Safety & Soundness Technology, Enterprise Operations & Technology, CitiGroup

Headshot of Brian Bohan
Brian Bohan

Director, Worldwide Consulting Partners, AWS

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