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IT 4 Teens

Boosting access to employment with ‘IT 4 Teens’
Line drawing of a group of teenagers sitting on the floor
Thoughtworks Romania partnered with the Informal School of IT to offer an introductory training course to students with disabilities. This multi-stage program aims to improve access to employment for young people with motor disabilities through technical training, educational support and fostering links to digital industries.

The three year, three stage program began in September 2021, with a group of high school students enrolled with ASCHF-R – an organization that facilitates social inclusion for children with physical disabilities. The students joined ‘IT 4 Teens’, an introductory course in programming and testing, with full sponsorship from Thoughtworks. Professor Ileana Oneata coached the students for eight weeks, developing their coding skills and establishing the basics of what a tester needs to do. After a well-earned break, the course picked up again for a further ten weeks of training which culminated in each student receiving a diploma from the Informal IT School.  


Next on the horizon is the final element of the course, which has been organized in partnership with the Romanian Ministry of Education and Ministry of Labor. The goal is to help the students into jobs based on their new skills and training. It’s a holistic approach to inclusivity that links education with vital access to industry. Thoughtworks now looks forward to welcoming applications from any familiar faces inspired to pursue a tech career. 

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