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Online event

Lessons learned 

implementing a large-scale 

data mesh transformation

Applying data mesh architecture at PAYBACK


Online event |  July 29, 5pm CEST 


Join Thoughtworks and PAYBACK's data experts for an insightful webinar based on the new whitepaper "Data Mesh: From textbook to transformation." This content goes beyond the theory of Data Mesh, walking you through PAYBACK’s Data Mesh journey, as a data-product company, to help you understand what it really takes to bring this new paradigm to life.


Our speakers will give a 25-minute presentation on the key points in the journey, followed by a 25-minute open discussion where they will answer questions from our host and the audience.


We'll tackle crucial questions, including: 


  • Where to start your data journey?
  • How to establish teams that can handle ownership?
  • How to prevent data product fragmentation and atomization?
  • How to migrate data and processes into data products?
  • How to ensure the entire organization benefits from these initiatives?


Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and strategies from industry leaders!


Alessandro Confetti

Alessandro Confetti


Data & AI Technical Principal  at Thoughtworks

Till Keyling

Till Keyling


Software & Data Architect at PAYBACK

Alexandra Lovin


Technology Director for Communication, Media, and Business Services at Thoughtworks

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Data mesh: From textbook to transformation

Applying data mesh architecture at PAYBACK


In this whitepaper, Thoughtworks and PAYBACK go beyond the theoretical aspects of data mesh, providing an in-depth look at PAYBACK’s journey. You'll gain valuable insights into the practical steps and strategies needed to bring data mesh to life within your organization. Learn how they successfully navigated their data mesh transformation with Thoughtworks' expertise, and discover how these principles can be applied to drive innovation and efficiency in your digital product organization.



Release date: July 24, 2024