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Leading a legacy organization but striving for customer-centricity and product excellence?


Maybe you're considering the transition from project mode to product mode, or perhaps you've started down this journey and are facing roadblocks along the way.


The first step to transformative change is understanding where you are and where you want to be. Our Product Organization Assessment helps you do just that.


Circle sectioned into different groups and colors. In the inner circle is startegy and alignment, process and techniques, technology and tooling, data and insights, structure, and people and skills. the next layer of the circle has three areas section under each of these. Vision and strategy, govenrance and innovation are the layer beyond Strategy and Alignment. Funding, goals and metrics and product development approach is under process and techniques. Testing, deployment and release management, architecture and tools and frameworks are under technology and tooling. Market insights, customer and user insgihts and data and analytics are under data and insights. Product team composition, organization design and product and team topology are under structure. Product team capability, product and design leadership capability and incentives are under people and skills

Exclusive offer: Complimentary Product Organization Assessment

This two hour workshop leverages our Product Organization Wheel (POW), an established product transformation framework developed from our experiences and patterns observed in working with clients on their product-driven journey. During the session, we'll guide you to self-assess your organization across 18 dimensions of the POW and identify a target maturity level for each dimension.

At the end of this session, you will have:

A starting point for your evolutionary journey to product transformation success including, a radar view that maps your maturity levels today and your desired target state across 18 focus dimensions, as well as an understanding of where your biggest gaps and areas of strength lie.


Who should attend


Our workshops are most successful when we have executives, directors or heads of representatives from disciplines that own and drive the product portfolio, such as business units or customer/market facing areas, product, technology, design, delivery and data.



Why partner with us?


Other organizations bring siloed expertise and lead with coaching or training. Our experts bring decades of practical experience and holistically connect product, design and tech perspectives to create change by doing.


Learn about the Product Organization Wheel

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