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Luisa Emme

Head of Technology, Ecuador

Since I was a child, I was always passionate about mathematics. Algorithms fascinated me and drawn my attention into software development and hardware design when I was 17 years old. That’s exactly why I chose to become an Electronic Engineer that writes software for a living. But that’s not all.


I wanted to be part of a major team and find people as passionate as I was. I wanted to be part of something bigger than me that would not only allow but also encourage me to question the status quo, be creative and disruptive.


And then, on 2015 I found Thoughtworks. My expectations were met and exceeded. I love to learn and here, I’m continuously improving my learning skills. Since I joined, I’ve been able to improve my development skills with strong focus on quality and best practices at the enterprise level. I’ve also had the chance to grow my consulting and leadership skills which allowed me to pair with Fausto de la Torre as the Head of Technology for the Quito office in 2018-2019.


I believe learning is the greatest skill one can develop.


I’m a feminist and I love animals so I’m also part of initiatives related to gender equality and animal adoption in my country. If you’re interested on those things too, just contact me and let’s join our efforts!