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Jason Furnell

Jason Furnell

Experience Design Consultant

Thoughtworks Experience Design (XD) consultants bring experience in all facets of XD management. From research – all the techniques for understanding and/or forecasting the customer and market – through ideation, prototyping and evaluation of results, to delivering complex interactive digital experiences.

We do Experience Design differently. We include software experts in the creative process – bringing a perspective of the latest and best capabilities and grounding the ideas in terms of feasibility and timeframe. Without this, even with the best understanding of the customer and product, ideation can be money down the drain if the outcome cannot feasibly become reality. An iterative “test and learn” approach incorporates methods like fast prototypes and live testing to allow clients to evaluate options and competing hypotheses – in a setting far more powerful than paper or slideware alone. And when ready to commit to development, you don’t have to throw a design binder over the wall to the developers and pray they understand.