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Is your enterprise looking to Go Mobile?

It is no surprise that developing a mobile application strategy has become a part of many an organization's technology portfolio.  The ubiquity of the Blackberry, the iPhone and iPad, and even Android phones have changed discussions from if a mobile project should be launched to when.

We have found that our clients are asking for the best way to move their existing applications onto mobile platforms, yet there is little guidance in the market for the enterprise. There is also an open source software development community that is innovating just as fast, if not faster than the primary vendors in the space.  Collectively, these factors present an overwhelming range of choices to those responsible for delivering applications for their organizations.

The industry needs to bring the best thinking together in one place if it is going to move forward.  Using our measures of what it takes to release quality software in the enterprise, we have begun to provide a close look at the technologies that are leading the charge along with their supporting ecosystem for Continuous Delivery.  Our attempt to coalesce the distinct voices and give them a place to congregate starts with a single conversation; in a nutshell, conversation is what Go Mobile is about.

The Go Mobile project will evolve in the days and weeks to come, but you can expect to hear more from our experts in the way of developer support, testing and deployment on the relevant platforms.  You will also hear about our experiments, successes and failures in the Agile mobile development space.

As our first contribution we welcome you to read and discuss our recently published white paper, Agile Practices for iPhone Development.

Disclaimer: The statements and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the positions of Thoughtworks.

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