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Using Technology to Drive Change in Africa

In 2012, Thoughtworks opened its first office in Johannesburg, South Africa, shortly followed by an office in Kampala, Uganda. In Africa, our clients range from large enterprises and aid agencies to small non-profit organisations. Along with many of our clients, we are agents of progressive change in the world. Aware of our own privilege, we strive to see the world from the perspective of the oppressed, the powerless, and the invisible.

Our vision for Pan Africa is that in five years time, Thoughtworks will have catalyzed the development of accessible software-driven-technologies coded in Africa, for Africa, by diverse African teams.

This team of frugal innovators, with a significant representation of women, will break frontiers based on economically sustainable business models that enable social change and citizen engagement across all regions of Africa. We believe that sharing our knowledge with our greater community is our responsibility, that can and will evoke possibilities and potential.

The Pan-African Baraza, launched in 2014, seeks to amplify the voices of those across the Pan-African world who are seeking a more just world based on social justice by reclaiming the past, contesting the present and inventing the future.

We know this is an ambitious mission, but we are proud to have taken the first steps towards achieving our goal. Here are some of the initiatives being driven by the Thoughtworks Pan African team of technologists. 


Disclaimer: The statements and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the positions of Thoughtworks.

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