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TELUS Digital | Enterprise evolution at startup speed

Telus Digital

Enterprise evolution at startup speed

Can an enterprise move at startup speed? Legacy systems, weighty processes, and siloed teams traditionally drag responsiveness over time. But TELUS, Canada’s fastest-growing telecommunications company, wanted to reverse this aging process - blending teams, technology and culture in a way that lets them accelerate even as they grow.

A digital platform strategy to elevate the customer experience

TELUS Digital’s mission is delightful in its simplicity. Enable customers and team members to do what they want to do, easily. The upshot: Technology and process should remove undue suffering, not contribute to it. Confronting the limitations of their traditional approach, TELUS partnered with ThoughtWorks to build a vision for a new way of working characterized by ease.

Each decision linked to culture, technology, and teams was informed by four key values:

The result is a platform combining technology, systems and processes that power better customer experiences. Platform thinking helped to create a suite of tools that empower the whole business. And customers are feeling the difference. Since introducing the changes, TELUS’ Net promoter score spiked to 93% and its app store rating reached new heights.

Collaboration and value-based prioritization are combined with a nimble architecture that emphasizes flexibility. It’s now easy for TELUS to add new technologies, services and partners as expectations evolve. We also cleared the path to production. UIs can rapidly change. TELUS teams now deploy in a matter of hours and ship hundreds of changes every day (up from a few changes several times a week). A standardized approach to capturing and storing data makes it easier for team members to report and make data-based decisions.

Ready for what’s next

The platform is critical in TELUS’ plan to design and evolve for the future, according to Vice President of Digital Shawn Mandel. “I can’t tell you what 5 years is going to look like. But I can tell you we’ve architected our way of working in concert with technology in a way that makes us very nimble and gives us the ability to pivot to that next thing”.

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