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TELUS Digital | Enterprise evolution at startup speed
Telus Digital

Enterprise evolution at startup speed

TELUS is a Canadian communications and information technology company that provides a wide range of products and services spanning wireless, data, IP, voice, television, entertainment, video and security, healthcare and agriculture.


Situation: TELUS, Canada’s fastest-growing telecommunications company, wanted to increase the speed and responsiveness of its enterprise - blending teams, technology and culture in a way that let them accelerate even as they grow and continue to enable them to deliver on their mission of enabling customers and team members to do what they want to do, easily.


Solution: TELUS partnered with Thoughtworks starting in 2016 to build a vision for a new way of working characterized by ease and driven by our digital platform strategy and value-driven portfolio capabilities. The result is a platform combining technology, systems and processes that power better customer experiences. Platform thinking helped to create a suite of tools that empower the whole business. We worked together with TELUS to align technology and process, implement value-based prioritization and adopt nimble architecture in order to deliver on their goals of ease, speed and flexibility.


Benefit: TELUS customers felt the difference. Since introducing the changes, TELUS’ customer advocacy increased and its app store rating reached new heights. TELUS’ teams now deploy in a matter of hours, compared with a matter of days before, and ship hundreds of changes every day, up from a few changes several times a week. A standardized approach to capturing and storing data makes it easier for team members to report and make data-based decisions.


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